Place NuScrape mats at all outside entrances, high traffic industrial areas and any wet area where traction and safety are important.  NuScrape is manufactured using Nitrile rubber (NBR) that is light-weight, yet very durable, in all types of environments.  Wherever they are placed they scrape dirt, dust and small particles off whatever travels over their raised rubber oblongs.

Cleaning is simple. You can sweep them, shake them, wash them or launder them and they will remain effective for years to come. Nuscrape mats are ideal for full rental service and lease or direct-sale options.


Features and Benefits

Manufactured consisting of lay-flat 100% nitrile rubber (NBR) in the color Black that is fully launderable and is resistant to most oils and solvents.

Standard trade sizes available: 3x2.5 | 3x5 | 3x10 | 4x6